Integrating technology with casino environment is becoming an increasing demand, particularly with the theft cases, increasing at an alarmed rate and creating a panic among the casino owners.

Incorporating methodologies like password securing in security vaults and key based systems is losing its importance as audit trailing and time based access control cannot be successfully implemented as expected. It is high time that that we bid goodbye to all these outdated tactics and after all gambling with the security of your casinos can sometimes give you shocking surprises!!

Let’s see how at different phases the biometric system can help the authorities in tracking and analyzing the “casino-attackers”:

• The Entry door of the casino: “Smile”

Facial recognition systems or putting it more simply, the “face capturing machines” are there to welcome you.

Categorized into dumb and smart systems, the former ones are capable of capturing the screenshot of a person while the latter is equipped with the proprietary tools that would “photograph “a person and prepare a comparison chart with the undesirable ones. As every invention gave rise to arguments of different critics, such a system also have been identified with drawbacks which, joker123 of course, are not unrectifiable ones; first most of the images are taken from the ceiling point which makes it practically difficult to reveal the face of a person and the other the time taken for comparison. Ignoring the statements of criticisms, As per the reports of the US police officials, they have successfully tracked out more than 10,000 of the attackers who have been arrested, evicted or rejected from other casinos, owing to the attacks.

Iris or fingerprint scanning also helps in identifying the registered or the unregistered ones who have entered the casino market.

• Playing the games

With the fingerprint recognition system, cashless machines are out of the scene matters, you can easily credit the “virtual money” into the “virtual money banks” and fire up your gambling game in an instant of a second!!

Even the latest gadgets like Samsung and Apple devices are updated with fingerprint scanning technology which allows authenticated and secured mobile payment methods. Age restrictions, as per the government regulations are being taken into account for most of the gambling games.
With the biometric system, there are no possibilities of “younger ones under 18 years of age entering the casino field”.

Reports suggest that in the casinos which have implemented the facial and fingerprint recognition system, the waiting lines have decreased providing a better and safer positive user experience with greater saving of time.

There are no chances of losing your tickets as you do not have tickets on your own!! Transfer of credits between your friends or companions is getting easier with the system. Researchers are in the search of extending the biometric project into vending machines and also betting desks (in the game)

On the whole, biometric systems have proven to be the “relaxing and stress free systems” for the game lovers!!

• Exit of the casino games

Sorry, you are not going to be left with the departure from the long and tiring games as you are under the combined surveillance of cameras-on site as well as biometric systems.

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